Walter Zinn Believes...

“Our schools and institutions of higher learning must be places where bold ideas can grow and contribute to our job market.  We must foster ideas that change the way we see the world.  In a state that is wrought with alarming health issues, we must nurture an environment committed to developing the genius that cures disease and illnesses and builds new industries.  Our ideas will exceed boundaries and move our district forward!  Our district will move Mississippi forward!”


In 2012, President Obama called for a "renaissance in American manufacturing."Like the President, Walter recognizes that a robust manufacturing sector is the key to economic development.  Not only will a healthy manufacturing sector strengthen our existing industries, it will also create new jobs for the First Congressional District. When we grow the country’s exports, via our manufacturing sector, we spur economic growth that keeps us competitive in the global marketplace. 

It is critically important that we start to manufacture, install, and service agricultural and health industry technologies, products and services.  There is a future in agricultural and health advancements and the state of Mississippi holds the key to capitalizing on these industries. Walter will focus his efforts on sustainable innovations that will propel the First Congressional District towards needed growth.


In order to create a thriving job market we must expand vocation and technological programs and broaden our focus on STEM based programs. Ensuring all children can read and compute by grade 2 is how we can lead not just in this district, but fuel an education overhaul in the state of Mississippi and in this country!  Walter will spearhead efforts focused on investments in early childhood programs, community based after school programs, and adult certification and training programs that align with the community’s strengths. While the First Congressional District is the home of the top rated K-12 schools, institutions of higher learning, and technical institutions, there is still much improvement to be done in educating our young and adult learners.The First Congressional District should lead the way in remapping education in Mississippi. The key to education does not lie in following trends but in setting them. It is time to focus on the strength of our existing system, target what we need to improve, and then make significant strides in correcting our faults. Our schools must foster an environment of educating students, and retaining our talented workforce in our district.

 The genius produced by our top academic institutions must be supported and capitalized upon by investing in more resources in health, agricultural, and technological research that innovates new industry that sustains our job market and makes us more competitive globally.


Walter understands that healthy communities foster healthy people. He will support initiatives that make health care more accessible and affordable while seeking opportunities that could stimulate job growth and innovation.  Through partnerships between the federal sector, academic institutions, and our cities, Walter believes that groundbreaking research is possible. The First Congressional District has a plethora of young minds capable of initiating change in the way care is provided throughout the state. Walter will fight to protect Medicare beneficiaries’ access to physicians and is committed to policy that will combat childhood obesity, extends health insurance coverage to the uninsured, and improves senior citizen and veterans’ health care.


Walter will fight to ensure our military’s men and women have the best resources to protect our country.  Most importantly, we must uphold our promise to bring them home safely and provide the resources for them to support for their families. Walter champions wrap around services that include comprehensive mental health services, education access, and job training that focus on getting our vets healthy and working. 


We must protect the hard earned work of our seniors.  Walter is committed to protecting the commitment of those who have spent a life time investing in our social security system.  We will not give up on our seniors, but will demonstrate our gratitude to their lifetime of work.  Social Security is not a hand out it from the government, but a return on a life investment.